Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boston Market - dj

840 N. Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Our trek today for lunch started with Lombard’s Seafood. We sometimes stop in and get a fresh fish sandwich. Today as we approached the counter we heard the lady manning it that they only had 2 pieces of lettuce and one piece of bread left. We decided to go someplace else. The Black Bean Deli had people standing out the doorway so we drive on past. As we were heading farther north on 17-92 I suggested Boston Market.

The Boston Market in Winter Park is kind of in an odd location at the corner of Lee Road and 17-92. The parking lot also leaves much to be desired. The restaurant itself was very clean and bright and the staff was helpful.

I ordered the 5oz Turkey with two gourmet sides, mashed potatoes and green beans this comes along with a side of cornbread. The meal was delivered in good time. The turkey was moist and full of flavor. The sides were also very good. The cornbread was more like a muffin; it seemed to have flour in it as well as cornmeal.

Rating: ***
Service: ***
Price: Meal and Drink $9.89

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