Thursday, November 4, 2010

San Jose's Original Mexican Restaurant

280 South State Road 434
Suite 1053
Altamonte Springs, FL

This restaurant is not open yet but I saw the sign tonight on the way home. It's located in the old Hooters spot in Altamonte Springs below Planet Fitness.

Can't wait for it to open I hoping it call fill the void left by the closing of Las Charro earlier this year.

I'll let you know when it opens.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adia's Latin Food

1325 Sligh Blvd Orlando, Fl. 32806

I saw a TV show recently about two guys searching rural barns and warehouses for rare collectibles and mis-valued antiques. I get that same sense of a treasure hunt when I take a turn off the main road and see a corner shop dressed with little more than the promise of a good meal. Adia’s, located behind the Arnie and Winnie Palmer hospitals next to the Amtrak station, is that type of place. As I drove by all I saw were the words LATIN FOOD in big yellow letters on the little storefront window. I was hooked and I wanted to know more.
I petitioned my coworkers to go with me for lunch but my only taker would be my Cuban friend, Senior Rubio. Due to its proximity to Amtrak, Orlando Regional and the Palmers, all parking is coin operated. Lacking coin, we circled Adia’s hoping to discover another kind of treasure - an unregulated parking space. Three laps and a little luck found us a spot in the back. The sign only said we would be towed. It did not say WHO could park there. I assumed it was for patrons just like us, so we chanced it.

We walked in to find a woman working the small kitchen behind the counter. She was attentive as she took our order and promptly returned with our drinks: water for me and a Kola Champaign soda for my friend. Lunch specials included baked chicken, stewed chicken or roast pork with white rice and red or black beans and maduros. My subject matter expert chose the pork with red beans and I opted for stewed chicken, red beans and a relleno de papa. No waiting here and the portions were good. The red beans were soft and full of flavor. The roast pork was tender but it lacked any of that crispy seasoned edge. The fried beef and potato ball held the hot sauce nicely and the sweet plantains were fun but the prize here turned out to be the stewed chicken.
Presented in a large glass goblet, this typically unremarkable dish brought some personality to the table. I spooned out the chicken, potatoes, carrots, olives and corn and balanced it all over the rice. Adding some broth I paused before parsing through the wonderful flavors and mixed textures. Notably, I enjoyed the satisfaction of that meal the rest of the afternoon.

Dine – A good lunch for a great price under $6
Drink – You have to try the Good O Kola Champagne soda.
Drive – The parking out back is not for patrons like us. Bring coin!
Diana – All business with a smile before you go.