Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Numero Uno Cuban Restaurant

2499 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806-4545
(866) 495-7187

We wanted to encourage a friend after his recent surgery so a few of us invited him out for dinner. I made a few suggestions on where to eat but he said Taco Bell is where he goes for ethnic food. He lives in the Conway area so I recommended this little Cuban place I went to for lunch a few weeks ago that was not far away. I remember the servers were kind, the lunch portions were pretty good and the arroz con pollo was very tasty. Tonight (Tue), we started off with the mofongo appetizer perked up with a nice rich broth. I couldn't tell you what was in the broth but it tasted like it came straight from a pan of wonderfully seasoned and slow roasted pork. He asked me to recommend something so I pointed him to the media noche and maduros (sold separately for dinner). The media noche was about 8" long. and he said he enjoyed the sweet cuban bread. My other friend had the Masitas de Cerdo with congri and plantains. I thought the onions could have been grilled more and the pork chunks looked dry. He said some of them were, but overall he enjoyed the meal. I chose the arroz con pollo again. I saw the dinner was $5 more than the lunch so I was expecting something more significant. I was surprised to see that the portions appeared to be smaller than the lunch.

Maybe the dinner plate was bigger. I don't know. Regardless, the meal was just as tasty and I did leave full. Overall the food tastes good, the quaint setting was clean, the quantities were adequate and big props to Nellie our waitress. She was pleasant, prompt and kept our glasses full. Ultimately though, for the money, I highly recommend Numero Uno for lunch.