Monday, April 13, 2009

A sad day at Paco's

It was a somber meal at Paco’s today. The notice on the door read the Marj had lost her battle with cancer on 4/11/2009. I have many fond memories of Marj and Paco’s. In fact, I choose to go to Paco’s today to celebrate my 20 years at Florida Hospital. I thought that I should go some place for lunch that held many memories for Florida Hospital and the many friends that I’ve gone to lunch with over the years.

I can remember the lunches with Fred G my first director at Florida Hospital. Then there were the meals with Dave R and Bill Z where we argued the merits or doing something this way or that way. There have been periods where I have not gone to Paco’s as often as I’d like, mainly because of the parking here at the hospital. But I always return for the friendly atmosphere and good food. At Paco’s you are always made to feel at home.

I can remember one meal I had at Paco’s where my order had been somehow misplaced Marj came over and said “I’m so sorry but we can’t find your order” I gladly gave it to to her. While I was eating my meal Marj came back over and told me this was on the house, “you can just leave when you are finished”.

While I was just a customer Marj made me feel at home, on most days she came over and said hi and chatted for awhile. She will truly be missed.